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A History Of Violence

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A History Of Violence, now available on DVD. Starring Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, William Hurt, and Ed Harris ,takes place in a small Indiana town where a family man that runs a coffee shop defends himself against a couple of psychotic killers. He's then praised by the media that aloows his shady mafia past from back east to catch up with him. Can you hear it now? The fake Jersey accent? "Hey Joey.. dammit Joey." "Hey Richey.. dammit Richey." I guess this movie is an ok rental movie but I wouldnt put it on a priority list. It did get great reviews and had a couple of nominations from the Academy, but I just have a problem with sensless violence. A child is killed in the beginning of the film. Blood and body parts end up in various places. The sex scenes were irrelevant and I just cant say that this movie had the "Wow" factor. I'd just as soon sit through hour long episodes of the Sopranos on HBO.

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