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Superman Returns


Superman Returns, another movie I thought would be disapointing. I went to the film thinking how could anyone replace the magic that I felt when I was younger watching Christopher Reeve up on the screen for the first time. How could a man in this day and age do a remake of a while wearing blue tights and still be cool? Well my friends, Superman Returns is not a remake but actually a continuation of the story. Brandon Routh becomes Superman and has quite a story to tell all the fans what Superman has been up to. The soundtrack brings back those special magical on screen feelings. Theres some great special effect scenes including one where he has to save an airplane from falling into the middle of a major league baseball game. There is a lot of drama. Drama that show the downfalls of being a super hero. I had to shed a tear for a moment during this film because I can relate. I also had to shed a tear because Kate Bosworth, the girl who plays Lois Lane, was so incredibly cute. Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor does an excellent job at making you want to hate him. Suprise story lines that I cant give away are in this film so I highly recommend that you get down to the theatre and see this movie. Superman is back and judging from this film I know he is here to stay.

Tokyo Drift


Tokyo Drift, the third installment from the Fast and the Furious series was a pleasant suprise for me. I went in assuming this movie would not be that good but I was wrong. I enjoyed it. Drifting is a new auto sport that involves racing and braking so that the car actually drifts. A midwestern high school gear head is sent to Tokyo and stumbles upon this art of racing that is depicted as being so poetic and art like. Beautiful scenes of Tokyo, fast paced action, beautiful women, and some drama. Tokyo Drift is an entertaining film but I cant help but wonder how much of our nations youth will be influenced into abusing natural resources like rubber and gasoline to fulfill the their fantasies of this film. I know I will be.

United 93


Probably one of the best movies I've seen this year. It has no notable actors and is very real and disturbing but important for everyone to see. United 93 might still be in theatres and if it is I highly recommend you see it.

The Break Up


Scuse me while I ponder over the fact that I am in love with this woman. Oh.. sorry, The Break Up starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn is a very well done romantic comedy. Two people meet, they have a good time, and then the fighting ensues, followed by a break up. Jennifer is gorgeous in this film and Vince is naturally funny as always. It gets really awkward at times during some of the situations between the couple but the most memorable scene is Jennifer walking through the living room totally bare. I also enjoyed the fantastic film footage of the city of Chicago. I highly recommend this film and will say it also makes for a great date movie. Enjoy!!

Poseidon Adventure


When I was a young boy I thought the original version of this movie in 1972 was fantastic. I must have seen it at least a hundred times and I would still watch it again. The new version that was released in May has quite a cast of actors.View the cool trailer here. Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss, Kevin Dillon and many other recognizable actors. If you never saw the original, it is about a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean with many characters celebrating New years Eve when a rogue wave tips the ship over and the surviving cast must find their way out of the ship and back to safety. The remake of this classic falls flat in every department that the producers wasted their money on. To me the movie is a total wash out and I'm glad it sank. I highly reccomend renting the old one. Check out the tribute site.There is also a Poseidon Adventure Fan Club.

Calling All Horror Freaks.


Meet your favorite horror film stars this weekend. Click here for more info on which stars will attend the Los Angeles Area of Fangorias Weekend of Horrors. Click here to see which events will be taking place throughout the event. Too scared to go?? Friday thru Sunday June 2-4 2006.

Mission Impossible 3


MI-3 starring the nutty Tom Cruise, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Lawrence Fishbure, and many others. A far fetched espionage film full of special effects, violence, betrayal, and other James Bond like activity. Great film locations like Vatican City, Shanghi, Berlin, and the Chesepeake Bay Bridge in Virginia. See the movie trailer here. It was an alright film but pretty far fetched. I would probably recommend waiting to see it on DVD. Too many other great films to see.


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